This is an ideal time for your pharmacy to participate in the Yellow Jug Old Drugs® program:

  • With more consumers being environmentally conscious, pharmacies that participate benefit by being able to demonstrate their active involvement in helping to keep our water clean.
  • Proper disposal of unused/unwanted drugs is a key weapon in the fight against misuse of prescription drugs.
  • Pharmacies that participate often see an increase in customer traffic from customers visiting their store to drop off unused/unwanted medications.
  • Great Lakes Clean Water/US Clean Water Org received licensure from DEA in March 2015 to be a Reverse Distributor to allow collection of Controlled Substances. GLCW/USCW the only Reverse Distributor, of the 27 in the country that is a non-profit organization.
  • The Yellow Jug Old Drugs® Program is the largest, most experienced, professionally operated drug collection program being provided at the lowest possible cost. When you partner with us, together we educate even more people about the importance of proper drug waste disposal helping to keep our water clean and our communities safe.

Since the beginning of the Yellow Jug Old Drugs® Program we have planned for the eventuality of pharmacies being able to collect controlled substances. Now in addition to collecting non-controlled substances Yellow Jug Old Drugs® will provide a comprehensive turn-key solution for pharmacies to collect controlled substances meeting all requirements of the Secure and Responsible Drug Disposal Act.

View new rules that took effect October 9, 2014

Lockable Containers for the Yellow Jug Old Drugs Program is the most innovative, safest and space efficient method available to collect and properly destroy Rx-Waste. Only 10”x10”x12” yet holds 25lbs of Rx-Waste.

lockable container
Pic 1 Lockable Container for Controlled substances
Yellow Jug Old Drugs Lockable Container 7.31.15 patent pending
Pic 2 Generation II Lockable Container Patent Pending 7.31.15

Pharmacies choosing to collect Controlled Substances must first Register with DEA as a Collector at this link

Phone 989-736-8179 or email to get your pharmacy registered.

Michigan DEQ Pharmaceutical Waste Video
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